About us

Hana & Karel Vihan

The harp orchestra was founded in 1995. 12 harpists are accompanied by 10 instrumentalists (panpipes, flute, violin, recorder, clarinet, saxophon, keyboards, double bass, guitar und drums) und 2 singers. Head of the orchestra is Hana Vihan, who plays in the orchestra, too. Besides performances in Switzerland, e.g. at the opening of the Culture and Congress Centre Lucerne in 1998, Arpa Doro played sucessfully in Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic. The participation at the 7th World Harp Congress Prague in 1999 was another highlight of Arpa Doro's history. The wide repertoire of classical melodies, well-known songs of musicals and movies is mainly arranged by Karel Vihan.  3 cds named "Promenade au clair de lune", "The best of Arpa Doro" and "Kontraste" have been recorded.

Hana Vihan
Hana Vihan was born in Prague, Czech Republic and has been living since her childhood in Switzerland. She took her qualifications for piano and music theory at Lucerne's conservatorium. The harp diploma she got after studies with Lily Laskin at the European Conservatoire in Paris. During the last years she toured  Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland.  She appeared in several CDs-recording and was on radio and television in Switzerland and abroad. She teaches harp and piano at different music schools in Switzerland and  runs the harp orchestra ARPA DORO.

Karel Vihan
Karel Vihan did an education of 13 years at the music shool of Prague where he enroled in music theory, arrangement, improvisation, violin and piano.

Hana and Karel Vihan wish to introduce the harp as a solo instrument as well as together with other instruments in classical and popular music.